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Merry and Pippin are definitely Drift Compatible.

Their Jaeger is named Second Breakfast.

I thought their jaeger was named Treebeard


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Some Very British Problems (x

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(I put to whom it may concern lol)

(Thinkign of putting to whom it may concern????)

Help plz letter writing question

How would I address a letter if I don’t know the people, but I know the team is all women???


arsene wenger seems like the type of the guy to sneak a home made meal into the cinema, and I’m not talking a packet of chips bought from a cheaper shop, no, I’m thinking cheese and crackers, followed by a home made focaccia, accompanied with a tub of greek yogurt in a container he picked up at a tupperware party and freshly squeezed orange juice to top it off

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When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME - [9/10] Favorite celeb crushes → Zoe Saldana

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